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Calgary Orthopaedic Surgeon Directory


shutterstock 4075453 Calgary Orthopaedic Surgeon Directory  Calgary Orthopaedic Surgeon Directory

Orthopaedic Surgeon Directory – Calgary

The contents of this directory are taken directly from public information provided by each surgeon and posted on the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons website.

In some cases surgeons have not specified an area of practice on the College’s website, hence they appear as “Not Specified”.  This does not mean they accept all referrals. We recommend you contact the surgeon’s office directly for more information before writing a inappropriate referral for their area of practice.




Only Surgeons who are  accepting new referrals are  listed in this directory.


Surgeons Accepting Referrals Area of Practice
Abelseth, Dr. Gregory A. Hip / Knee
Batuyong, Dr. Eldridge Darell Lower Extremity
Bois, Dr. Aaron  Shoulder / Elbow
Boorman, Dr. Richard Stuart Shoulder
Bouchard, Dr. Jacques Spine
Bowen, Dr. Vaughan Hand
Brauer, Dr. Carmen Alisa Paediatrics
Burkart, Dr. Brian Hip / Knee
Cho, Dr. Roger  Spine
Clark, Dr. Marcia Hip / Knee
Cundal, Dr. Cory S. Lumbar Spine
de Souza, Dr. Kelley  Hip / Knee
Dhaliwal, Dr. Gurpreet  Hand
Donaghy, Dr. John Hip / Knee
Dougall, Dr. Hugh R.   Foot / Ankle
Duffy, Dr. Paul  Not Specified
Ferri-de-Barros, Dr. Fabio Paediatrics Spine
Frank, Dr. Cy  Knee
French, Dr. Stephen John  Not Specified
Goldstein, Dr. Simon G. Paediatrics Hip / Foot / Cerebral Palsy
Harder, Dr. James Paediatrics
Hildebrand, Dr. Kevin A.  Wrist / Elbow
Hiscox, Dr. Christina Hand / Wrist
Hu, Dr. Richard Wei-Chi  Spine
Hunt, Dr. Stephen Foot / Ankle
Johnston, Dr. Kelly  Hip / Knee
Joughin, Dr. Elaine Paediatrics
Kiefer, Dr. Gerry  Paediatrics
Korley, Dr. Robert  Lower Extremity
Kuchinad, Dr. Raul Not Specified
Le, Dr. Ian Long Dang Not Specified
Lewkonia, Dr. Peter David Not Specified
Lo, Dr. Ian King Yeung Shoulder
Longino, Dr. David Knee
MacKenzie, Dr. Jim  Hip / Knee
Miller, Dr. Stephen D. Not Specified
Mohtadi, Dr. Nick Hip / Knee
Mrkonjic, Dr. Linda  Not Specified
O’Brien, Dr. Maureen Dawn Not Specified
Parsons, Dr. David  Paediatrics
Penner, Dr. Darrell  Knee
Powell, Dr. Jim  Not Specified
Puloski, Dr. Shannon  Oncology / Tumors / Reconstruction
Rendall, Dr. Ed  Not Specified
Russell, Dr. Iain Shamus Not Specified
Sabo, Dr. Marlis Tamara Not Specified
Salo, Dr. Paul  Not Specified
Schachar, Dr. Norm  Oncology
Sharma, Dr. Raj Not Specified
Stewart, Dr. James  Shoulder / Knee
Swamy, Dr. Ganesh Spine
Timmermann, Dr. Scott Andrew Not Specified
Thomas, Dr. Kenneth Charles Spine
van Zuiden, Dr. Lowell J. Not Specified
Werle, Dr. Jason   Hip / Knee
White, Dr. Neil Not Specified





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